Sirris of the Sunless Realms Fanart -WIP #4

Work In Progress / 14 December 2018

Hello! It has been a bit since I have last posted, basically this update is more in the conversion from hi-poly to lo poly. Since then, I have retypologized the entire mesh. I tried to be as poly efficient as I could. I had issues with the hair so that was pushed back for a little bit later. I stuffed it into Marmoset and used Marmoset to Bake all the pieces. Spent a lot of time to get it just right, I think I need to rebake the neck cloth. Seriously, on the camera, I used substance painter and honestly baking it in marmoset is so much easier. I might give her face more definition if I could. The tris cap out at 63966 for the body without counting the sword, which is 4962 tris. once I get hair cards going I will be at a total amount. I put on some basic textures and got a Idea for the lighting. I want to try to emulate the lighting from firelink shrine, will tweak it later. I also changed her sword to be the Pontiffs Boss Sword you obtain after beating him, due to his darkmoon magic on the blade and her sense of justice against her grandpa, I figured it would be a cool choice. Time to move onto substance. Any C&C is welcome and thanks for checking this out!