John Payne - WIP #7.25 - The Remington Revolver

Work In Progress / 18 December 2019

Hey everybody, I just wanted to give a small update on the John Payne Project so far. As usual, alot has happened in my time and getting to work on the project is harder and harder but we are pushing.

Alot of mistakes and errors to learn from for sure.

But I wanted to show off one of the weapons John Payne will be having in the final project. The revolver was completely made with a mixture of Maya, Hardmesh, Zbrush, Topogun 2, PolyRaven UV, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and Marmoset Toolbag.

What you see is a Marmoset Toolbag Real-time render.

In the time since the previous update, I have learned to use PolyRaven UV Layout and Hardmesh. My learning comes from Lennard Claussens Tutorial on making a gun. 

I talked to Charidimos Bitsakakis and he said this the gun in his holster is suppose to be a standard revolver from at least 1870. I decided to make based off of various Remington 1863 revolver.

The Polycount of the gun is 12k and it is utilizing 1x4k map. 

The Material was made from scratch and editing within the default shaders in Substance Painter.

If you have any critiques or feedback overall, please let me know.

We are hustling more and more on this project and lets see what the next update brings, thanks for checking this out!