John Payne - WIP #6 - The Hair and the Hat Update

Work In Progress / 13 August 2019

Sup, here is alittle more of a substantial update. I am not going to lie, but I spent like the month just trying to wrap my head around game hair. I never really done it in a large capacity before and it is not really a beginner thing to get into. To understand it alittle bit more, I signed up for the XMD Academy On-Demand Game Hair Course that is hosted by the insanely talented Ashley Sparling. The Link will be below. After going through it, I do have more confidence into doing Game Hair. Next project I already have in mind will feature a full head of hair. The hair came around to be 16k tris. I also adjusted the lighting alittle bit to account for the hat. Which I mean, I will be adjusting the lighting again knowing me so I will not fall in love with it. i also brought in the hat as well. I want to get alot more in-depth with the texturing than I did with Sirris in the details. I wanted to get this out because I will be going on my last mini vacation of the summer so when I get back, I will be really pushing on getting this done. Everything will be tweaked of course but any C&C is necessary and have a nice day! Rendered in Marmoset. Next update, I will be aiming to get the head machinery and the suit finished. It is coming together though and I am excited.

Concept artist Charidimos Bitsakakis: 

XMD Academy Game Hair Course: