Work In Progress: Mila Kunis Likeness (Zbrush)

Work In Progress / 04 May 2021

Hey Yo'!

It has been a bit, you know how it goes. But I wanted to update you on a small project I am doing at the Likeness Course at   

I am just about done wrapping it up in Zbrush here. I am working on Hair Grooming and Skin Texture at the moment. Let me know how she looks or of there are anything to amend. These are Viewport Screengrabs that are not rendered. The Eyebrows are Painted. Some other folks are wrapping up their stuff and they are looking great! I learned alot so far so I am pretty heart set on finishing this up.

I have a few people to thank when I finish up, they are pretty awesome. But for right now, I appreciate Fareed Nagy for the ongoing help.

His Portfolio:

I plan on bringing her to Marmoset Toolbag 4 Soon for some Look Dev. After that, I will maybe want to experiment with UE4 with her.

I'll keep you posted and thanks for reading! (I really wanted to do this course so the Warlord had to take a back seat unfortunately)