Sirris of the Sunless Realms Fanart -WIP #3

Work In Progress / 02 November 2018

Wanted to show more of a small update than the previous one. This one is moreso focused on the development of the head. Practiced with texturing XYZ for the first time and it was pretty dang tricky not gonna lie. I might've made it too noisy and missed a few patches of skin detail which I will tweak possibly. Recreated everything on the head that I made when I started the project because I felt like I could've made it better. I also made a few tweaks on some other parts of her like her greaves, shirt, and shoulder armor. Next update will include hair cards, which is new for me, Detail on the metal possibly, and the sword and Talisman. Basically the rest of the Hi-poly. Any C&C is welcomed and have a nice one! Thanks for checking this out.