John Payne - WIP #3

Work In Progress / 26 April 2019

Hey Y'all, It's been a minute as my per usual. This time has been nutty, art tests, setting up to move houses, its nuts! No luck on the art tests sadly but hey, we keep moving. 

I didn't get as far as I hoped for when getting to this point. I am still on the road to hi-res. I only worked on primarily the upper half of the body. I still need to tatter the hat and rework some folds for the jacket, as I based it off more real reference than conceptual. I got to experiment texture XYZ on the hands so that's exciting, Most likely adjust everything by then.

Next update, hopefully a faster one, will be detailing the head more, with texture XYZ, and getting most of the body to its near complete hi-res form and out of blockout.

Any C&C is wanted and necessary, cheers! Screenshots taken from Zbrush, Thanks.