John Payne - WIP #5.75 - The Small Lighting and Hair Update

Work In Progress / 24 July 2019

Yo smaller update. I wanted to show off a new lighting set up I did. I wanted to change the lighting in a way more realistic so I got based it off the lighting of Uncharted 4. I will be adjusting it more of course. This month is just so busy with birthdays and mini vacations to relax. I am about to go on another one so the next update will still be alittle bit. I needed help with hair so I decided to enroll in the on-Demand course of Game Hair hosted by Ashley Sparling. I rushed to get these hair screenshots as they will not reflect the final product. I will tweak them and also add in the other hair like eyebrows. It really took me awhile to really get a hand of this hair. I will continue to tweak it more. Any C&C is necessary, have a nice day!  Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

Concept artist Charidimos Bitsakakis: