John Payne - WIP #9.5 - Just before the Rookies, Final Touches, and the fate of the Rifle

General / 22 May 2020

Sup everyone, It has been a little bit. Just before the whole quarantine to hit in fact! I hope everyone is staying safe and productive as they can. It is okay if it is hard, its SUPPOSE to be hard. 

Anyways, the Rookies is about the end I still have to turn this guy in. I spent alot of this time making his rifle and practicing my hard surface skills. I was inspired by like Lennard Claussen to make this more weird huge machinery which I think would've made a great fit for the universe.

Unfortunately, with time is slowly closing in for me really fast, I still want to make a proper breakdown and small tutorials for my post as well. This is important to me because I really like to deliver information to help out others like me who are just trying to make it.

I still have to take the model into zbrush and do the rest of the pipeline. This is will not be finished by the time the Rookies deadline. I made the hard decision to focus on what I have completed and make them really good rather try to deliver something sloppy and rushed. Once I made the decision, it made life a little more easier. I am still bummed about it. I will have a image to show you what I had in mind.

It is a mixture between steam and electricity, I wanted to convey a realization of those old Victorian machine drawings. It was really fun and I am bummed that I will not finish it for now. 

For what we DO have is that I went back and changed the textures of a few items and I think increased their quality. It is pretty subtle from the previous update and I am looking for some last minute critiques on it. I still have to pose this guy and maybe add a quick ground. I will be reaching up a few places before I submit this man. I am excited and nervous at the same time. 

Stay safe everyone, and I will see you next time!