John Payne - WIP #1

Work In Progress / 28 February 2019

Hey y'all. So earlier I finally finished Sirris which was a huge relief off my shoulders. I learned to much from that project it is nuts! You can find it at:

But we cannot stop now, I am starting a new character. I will learn from what I did with Sirris and make it better and faster for this one hopefully The goal is to adapt from concept art better. I am going through real life house moving currently so that will be taking up some of my time as well.

As before, this project will be going through the entire pipeline of Concept to finalized model in Marmoset. I might invest in putting him into Unreal as well.

The new Character is going to be John Payne, which is a Steam punk sheriff of Dolly City. The concept is by the talented Charidimos Bitsakakis and I had his permission to go make a 3D model of it. He actually made this in the Artstation Wild West contest and that is long over now. But I figured it would be a great place to start from. I will try to make updates as quickly as I can. Any C&C is necessary and appreciated.

Starting off is blocking of the body and head. I am redesigning  the head mechanics to be more steam based. Still in progress of course.

Again, Concept by Charidimos Bitsakakis.