John Payne - WIP #9 - The Hat Machine and touching up a few things

Work In Progress / 04 March 2020

Hey everyone, just been working and working. Doing re-topology for the hat machine was a huge pain with so many unique parts. In the end, when I show the UV map, It took some organization I tell you!

Since last time, I mainly focused on compromising with some criticisms and looked back at a few things. I added details, changed the lighting, and focused a lot of brain power on the steampunk hat machinery. I might go back and touch up the materials a bit more but I am happy how he is turning out more.

The machine is suppose to be a fancy steampunk generator that is also attached to his hat. I made it out of my own design and I based a few looks from like a train.

A surprising challenge for alittle bit was glass in Marmoset. I will be doing a tutorial on it at the end, but check it out, it has dust and fingerprints. More importantly, it has magnification so when you look through it, things are slightly bigger. 

I wanted to lighten up the scene more too, he is a wild west cowboy so he has to be show in a more warmer, outside light. 

I also plan on seeing if I can show this guy off in the Rookies competition soon so check out for that. 

Also look at this guy with a snapchat filter, it is do-able!

We are not done with it yet, other than any change I am making, I plan on making his rifle as well, starting from scratch so wish me luck.

If you have any C&C, let me know. Have a nice one!