1 Hour, 70 Heads: a speed-sculpting odyssey

General / 28 August 2020

Hey Y'all, It has been awhile, I decided to spend more of my summer of really focusing on my Anatomy of the Head. For what I have made so far is personally great progress. As a Character Artist, this is some necessary stuff to know. I also wanted to increase my speed so I made it a speed sculpting challenge.

The Day 1 head sculpt is a sculpt of a head that has no reference, it was primarily based off of what I thought I had was anatomy. Boy. I was really freaking wrong.  It took my a hour to make that. How embarrassing. But there is a point for me to show you and the point is to keep on trying and learning slowly as you grow. 

I did not make 70 heads in a hour. I made a total of 70 Heads in a span of 70 Days for each sculpting taking 1 hour each. 

Every Single day, I would spend 1 hour of my time to sculpt, research and build up a understanding on facial anatomy. Now what I got for day 70 is good, but it is far from great. I just want to showcase that progress is achievable if you believe in it. 

I will keep doing this challenge for as long as I can. I believe I can get better and there is far more that I need to know. I appreciate any support.

The process goes like this:

Day of No Ref -> Day of Ref and study -> Day of No Ref -> Day Of Ref and study -> etc... 

No matter what, after the hour is up, the pen is down.

Let me know if you want me to clarify more or have any questions.

I am still working on a project in the meantime but learning what I know now, I think I might need to take a step back and reevaluate. I will update again at Day 140. 


I am also helping in with some other artists on creating a community for Daily Zbrush Sculpting for Anatomy on Discord. Let me know if you want a invite, it is small and we are getting some organizing together. Great for Artists of any range whether you are new or a older pro that needs a refresh. Come take 30 or more out of your day and take part in our anatomy challenges!




For the GIfs Below, they do showcase every head in the 70 Lineup, you can see the progress in head shape especially over time. Sorry, all I had was screen snips as images.

Front View

Angle View

Side View