John Payne - WIP #7 - The delay, the Retopo, and the Machinery

Work In Progress / 29 October 2019

'Sup yall. I just wanted to give a small update on the John Payne project so far. It has been a crazy time like usual since Sculptember. After completing sculptember, I realized I wasn't really happy with my Hi-poly of the hat machinery. I wanted to be closer to the concept art and still have enough detail where I was satisfied enough. Check out the other blog posts for how the old head generator looked.

After my graphics card died and replaced, I went and practice hard surfacing due to the help of the talented Lennard Claussens tutorial. I practiced Hardmesh and I have a way better grip on my hands on utilizing the boolean based plug-in. While practicing that, I also retopo'd the entire body of John Payne and spread the UVs. I just need to place them on a sheet and consider that done. I wish I could show you now but not today.

 Back on the Machinery, since there is not much detail in the concept art to determine what it looks like, I decided to create a kitbashed engine that resembles a hybrid of a train and a generator. It was fun to develop and will be even more of a challenge to properly lay it out. Making this train felt like a whole project in itself. I feel a bit more confident into hardsurface modeling.

I just got reached for another art test for a company and this one is slated to take some more time than the others so whenever I can get that done, I will be coming straight back onto this project. I spent alot of time on this project so why not take some more time.

Below is the Hi-poly of the Machinery that was just imported into Marmoset. Nothing else was done to it.

Whenever I can bring the next update. I hopefully can aim for finishing the machinery (including  metal on the hat), Make the Guns, and layout all the UVs for texturing time. I appreciate anyone's support and thanks for checking this out.

Concept artist Charidimos Bitsakakis-


Lennard Claussens Tutorial-