John Payne - WIP #5.5 - The Skin Update

Work In Progress / 02 July 2019

Yo small update, I wanted to show alittle progress of me delving into the skin. I will most likely adjust the lighting for like the 70th time. I am making more colorful skin choice compared to the original. But the original concept artist, Charidimos Bitsakakis, is very gracious on offering his services on doing any tweaks needed. He is a great dude and have been helping me out. Next small update is going to focus on that hair. Not in this version. but I am adding more to the details to objects like the hat and machinery. I will be giving him alittle eye sneer at the end of the project. Again, this is my obligatory skin update. any C&C is necessary, have a nice day!  Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

Concept artist Charidimos Bitsakakis: