253 Heads, 253 Days: A Speed Sculpt Odyssey

General / 06 July 2021

Hey Y'all, I am back with my practice and exploration on speed head sculpting practices. Here is continuing update on the Speedsculpt odyssey!

If you did not know, this is all about practicing sculpting heads in quicker, more basic fashion to showcase understanding and practice.

Why post at 253? I was suppose to update at 140 but I completely forgot to update till now. In the first update, I did a 1 Hour Sculpt every single day till that update. I decided to still do some hour sculpts and then I started learning more and more. Since the last update, I took quite a few classes on Anatomy and Likeness and just continued the overall study in general. Like Books...books are cool.

A suggestion I received from  a cool person to try our 15 mins for the challenges. This was a pretty good idea, I think a lot of sculpting and understanding is getting the primary shapes first. I had the issue of trying to really focus on details first and then I realize you should get the landmarks and overall shapes down. I will always show the first one in comparison.

You can see that I noticed I started getting smoother with the shapes of the sculpt and it is obviously not perfect but I think we are getting there. It looks like a head. Sculpting in 15 mins session taught me to really focus on those shapes and even started to remove detail just to make sure we hit that. Since I became so use to getting the shape down in the first 15 mins, the rest of the hour really is more so refining and cleaning it up.

As usually, every single sculpt has started off with a sphere and was molded in the time giving. Here is the timeline of sculpting times:

► 0-115 Heads: 1 Hour
► 116-252: 15 Mins
► 253: 1 Hour

Let me know if you have any questions so far and I still intend on pushing through with this! Maybe moving it up to 30 mins? who knows. Thanks for reading! I am grateful you spent your time with little ol' me! This is a side project of just practice and evolution that is going to be long term. Like......Looooooooong term. The goal is not only to self improve, but it is to show that anyone can get better, even if you feel like you stagnated.


Part of my studying since the last update, I wanted to share some resources that help me just understand heads more in general as a part of practice. Thank you and support these creators, My sculpts are not great, but it is cool to see progress. Remember kids, little wins is still improvement. Under the last GIF, I will post some links to some resources that helped me out, be sure to support them.

Now here are some Gifs! These are a screenshot of every head sculpt till now in these angles. These are just gonna get longer and longer hopefully.... You might see the split but basically the ones without shoulders and clavicles are the ones that are 15 mins.



Resources that helped out and will continue to do so:

► Scott Eatons Portrature Class: https://www.scott-eaton.com/

►ArtHeroes Likeness Course: https://academy.artheroes.co/

►SpeedChar Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmZjz7XvWfKz4fMjLwrNmQ

►SpeedChar or Nikolay Naydenov Store: https://www.artstation.com/nikoto/store

►Georgian's or Nimlots Likeness Tutorial: https://nimlot26.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=search#FcpZU

►Anatomy For Sculptors: https://www.amazon.com/Anatomy-Sculptors-Understanding-Human-Figure/dp/0990341100

►Mastering Portrature: https://www.amazon.com/Mastering-Portraiture-Advanced-Analyses-Sculpted/dp/0975506560