Oni | WIP# 02 (A small update)

Work In Progress / 24 April 2022

Hey Y'all! Tiny updates work. We like tiny updates here. This little update showcases some updates to the skin, some proportion changes, and a couple more things. Still working on it! I am going to go off concept on the horn, jewelry, and I mean quite a few other things. Just playing around with using the concept as a base reference model. Nothing is final of course. Cheers. Any C&C is cool, learning some exciting new little tricks already. (Also snagged a 3080 Ti). I will push out more small updates as that will make the process easier to showcase when I do the Final official post.

Concept art by Pavel Hristov


Oni | WIP# 01

Work In Progress / 26 February 2022

Hey Y'all! It is has been awhile. Been really busy, life stuff, you know how it is. After gotten some work, I wanted to work on something personal on the times I have off. I decided to work on this bust of this oni based off the concept of one of Pavel Hristov Sketches. I am making some variations to it and making it a little more realism. I wanted to keep the project small but big. It is only going to be the bust but I want to make it detailed and bring it into Unreal Engine eventually. For now, it is a blockout. Mila is just one of those unfinished projects at the moment. Maybe one day.

This originally was going to be a speed challenge with Pramod Aryal (Check him out: https://www.artstation.com/aryielth) But just decided to make it a actually project. I want to try to achieve quality.

 Current render is in Marmoset Toolbag 4 and lets keep it going! Stay safe everyone.

Concept art by Pavel Hristov


Work In Progress: Mila Kunis Likeness (Zbrush)

Work In Progress / 04 May 2021

Hey Yo'!

It has been a bit, you know how it goes. But I wanted to update you on a small project I am doing at the Likeness Course at https://artheroes.co/   

I am just about done wrapping it up in Zbrush here. I am working on Hair Grooming and Skin Texture at the moment. Let me know how she looks or of there are anything to amend. These are Viewport Screengrabs that are not rendered. The Eyebrows are Painted. Some other folks are wrapping up their stuff and they are looking great! I learned alot so far so I am pretty heart set on finishing this up.

I have a few people to thank when I finish up, they are pretty awesome. But for right now, I appreciate Fareed Nagy for the ongoing help.

His Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/fareed

I plan on bringing her to Marmoset Toolbag 4 Soon for some Look Dev. After that, I will maybe want to experiment with UE4 with her.

I'll keep you posted and thanks for reading! (I really wanted to do this course so the Warlord had to take a back seat unfortunately)





The Warlord - WIP #1.5 - Hit the ground NOT running

Work In Progress / 21 January 2021

'Sup Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good New Year and are continuing staying safe.

December 2020 was not very favorable in a quest for power. Computer Power that is. I decided to upgrade my computer 3x Fold but due to unfortunate misc factors, left me without a computer for generally the month and broken parts. I am fortunate that I manage to recover my data with my entire hard drive array being burnt and unusable. Morale of the story, Do yourself the favor and be sure to backup your data. If I did not do that every week, I would have not been so lucky.

Either way, now the wheels are being greased again and here is a small update on the Warlord! I focused alot more into the face this time around and pushed and pulled very small factors to get closer to the face I want. There is still so much work to be done and now we are about to hit the flow area. This is not close of being done as a face but I at least wanted to show progress since the previous one. Can you guess the main inspiration?

I also did the earring. As with most of my interpretations, I decided to add some detail and how I imagined it would look like. I wanted to fit more of the style of her jacket. I think it turned out pretty cool!

The other things mentioned in the previous update are still in the works! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good rest of the week!

Concept by Yang  J


The Warlord - WIP #1 - Brand New Project, Lets do it!

Work In Progress / 01 December 2020

Hey everyone! I am back with a little update! It has been a little bit from my last post, I have been pretty busy!

I have been doing a few art tests, classes, misc. side projects etc. You know how it gets. But I learned so much within the span of time and I am happy to show the starting of my new project. The Warlord.

The Concept it by Yang J and I did obtain his permission to do it. I chose his concept because after John Payne, I want to further my learning in areas that I need help in or to expand. So I am aiming big with this one!

The areas I plan on tackling this time around is Facial Anatomy, Hair, curved metals etc. I also plan on utilize Marmoset Toolbag 4 AND Unreal Engine in the eventual final results. I got a lot of work ahead of me. I do plan on taking this as a full character as per usual so please, bare with me!

So far, between many and many different things I have worked on, this is definitely the one that will stick. For the face, I still need to adjust alot of things and I will take it to asymmetry soon.  I am utilizing what I learned from Scott Eatons class for this sculpt.

This post is a small introduction to the project! Let me know if you have any questions.

I am working and still continuing the Speed sculpt Odyssey, I will hopefully talk really in depth about that soon. I am starting up a community soon called Sculpt Club, where we can do weekend sculpting and it will be very chill. I am still in the beginning stages of that so stay tuned for that!

Concept by Yang  J


John Payne - WIP #9 - The Hat Machine and touching up a few things

Work In Progress / 04 March 2020

Hey everyone, just been working and working. Doing re-topology for the hat machine was a huge pain with so many unique parts. In the end, when I show the UV map, It took some organization I tell you!

Since last time, I mainly focused on compromising with some criticisms and looked back at a few things. I added details, changed the lighting, and focused a lot of brain power on the steampunk hat machinery. I might go back and touch up the materials a bit more but I am happy how he is turning out more.

The machine is suppose to be a fancy steampunk generator that is also attached to his hat. I made it out of my own design and I based a few looks from like a train.

A surprising challenge for alittle bit was glass in Marmoset. I will be doing a tutorial on it at the end, but check it out, it has dust and fingerprints. More importantly, it has magnification so when you look through it, things are slightly bigger. 

I wanted to lighten up the scene more too, he is a wild west cowboy so he has to be show in a more warmer, outside light. 

I also plan on seeing if I can show this guy off in the Rookies competition soon so check out for that. 

Also look at this guy with a snapchat filter, it is do-able!

We are not done with it yet, other than any change I am making, I plan on making his rifle as well, starting from scratch so wish me luck.

If you have any C&C, let me know. Have a nice one!



John Payne - WIP #8 - The Clothes, Leather, Filigree, Badge, Hands, Retexturing

Work In Progress / 13 February 2020

Hey everybody, it has been a bit of a while since I last updated. It ain't new.

Let me tell you, it has been a bit much since that last time I updated. I ended up losing some important files because of my computers power-supply issues. Be sure to check it out if you are having any problems with your computer randomly shutting down or the graphics card doing the same. Art slumps do not help either but I am eager to continue again with great vigor.

Since last time, I textured the clothes, belt, badges, hands. It was really a texture focused update. Also tweaked the lighting as well. Next is the steampunk machinery on the head. 

Let me know if you want to know anything about how I textured or really do anything. I have been working on this project for a long time and I want it to be as excellent as I can.

See you next time and hopefully soon. Have a nice one!


John Payne - WIP #7.25 - The Remington Revolver

Work In Progress / 18 December 2019

Hey everybody, I just wanted to give a small update on the John Payne Project so far. As usual, alot has happened in my time and getting to work on the project is harder and harder but we are pushing.

Alot of mistakes and errors to learn from for sure.

But I wanted to show off one of the weapons John Payne will be having in the final project. The revolver was completely made with a mixture of Maya, Hardmesh, Zbrush, Topogun 2, PolyRaven UV, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and Marmoset Toolbag.

What you see is a Marmoset Toolbag Real-time render.

In the time since the previous update, I have learned to use PolyRaven UV Layout and Hardmesh. My learning comes from Lennard Claussens Tutorial on making a gun. 

I talked to Charidimos Bitsakakis and he said this the gun in his holster is suppose to be a standard revolver from at least 1870. I decided to make based off of various Remington 1863 revolver.

The Polycount of the gun is 12k and it is utilizing 1x4k map. 

The Material was made from scratch and editing within the default shaders in Substance Painter.

If you have any critiques or feedback overall, please let me know.

We are hustling more and more on this project and lets see what the next update brings, thanks for checking this out!


John Payne - WIP #7 - The delay, the Retopo, and the Machinery

Work In Progress / 29 October 2019

'Sup yall. I just wanted to give a small update on the John Payne project so far. It has been a crazy time like usual since Sculptember. After completing sculptember, I realized I wasn't really happy with my Hi-poly of the hat machinery. I wanted to be closer to the concept art and still have enough detail where I was satisfied enough. Check out the other blog posts for how the old head generator looked.

After my graphics card died and replaced, I went and practice hard surfacing due to the help of the talented Lennard Claussens tutorial. I practiced Hardmesh and I have a way better grip on my hands on utilizing the boolean based plug-in. While practicing that, I also retopo'd the entire body of John Payne and spread the UVs. I just need to place them on a sheet and consider that done. I wish I could show you now but not today.

 Back on the Machinery, since there is not much detail in the concept art to determine what it looks like, I decided to create a kitbashed engine that resembles a hybrid of a train and a generator. It was fun to develop and will be even more of a challenge to properly lay it out. Making this train felt like a whole project in itself. I feel a bit more confident into hardsurface modeling.

I just got reached for another art test for a company and this one is slated to take some more time than the others so whenever I can get that done, I will be coming straight back onto this project. I spent alot of time on this project so why not take some more time.

Below is the Hi-poly of the Machinery that was just imported into Marmoset. Nothing else was done to it.

Whenever I can bring the next update. I hopefully can aim for finishing the machinery (including  metal on the hat), Make the Guns, and layout all the UVs for texturing time. I appreciate anyone's support and thanks for checking this out.

Concept artist Charidimos Bitsakakis- https://www.artstation.com/harrybits

Hardmesh- http://www.hard-mesh.com/ 

Lennard Claussens Tutorial- https://gumroad.com/l/levelup_futuristicweapon?wanted=true








John Payne - WIP #6 - The Hair and the Hat Update

Work In Progress / 13 August 2019

Sup, here is alittle more of a substantial update. I am not going to lie, but I spent like the month just trying to wrap my head around game hair. I never really done it in a large capacity before and it is not really a beginner thing to get into. To understand it alittle bit more, I signed up for the XMD Academy On-Demand Game Hair Course that is hosted by the insanely talented Ashley Sparling. The Link will be below. After going through it, I do have more confidence into doing Game Hair. Next project I already have in mind will feature a full head of hair. The hair came around to be 16k tris. I also adjusted the lighting alittle bit to account for the hat. Which I mean, I will be adjusting the lighting again knowing me so I will not fall in love with it. i also brought in the hat as well. I want to get alot more in-depth with the texturing than I did with Sirris in the details. I wanted to get this out because I will be going on my last mini vacation of the summer so when I get back, I will be really pushing on getting this done. Everything will be tweaked of course but any C&C is necessary and have a nice day! Rendered in Marmoset. Next update, I will be aiming to get the head machinery and the suit finished. It is coming together though and I am excited.

Concept artist Charidimos Bitsakakis: https://www.artstation.com/harrybits 

XMD Academy Game Hair Course: https://xmdacademy.com/courses/aaa-salon-game-hair-creation-on-demand/