Oni | WIP# 02 (A small update)

Work In Progress / 24 April 2022

Hey Y'all! Tiny updates work. We like tiny updates here. This little update showcases some updates to the skin, some proportion changes, and a couple more things. Still working on it! I am going to go off concept on the horn, jewelry, and I mean quite a few other things. Just playing around with using the concept as a base reference model. Nothing is final of course. Cheers. Any C&C is cool, learning some exciting new little tricks already. (Also snagged a 3080 Ti). I will push out more small updates as that will make the process easier to showcase when I do the Final official post.

Concept art by Pavel Hristov


Oni | WIP# 01

Work In Progress / 26 February 2022

Hey Y'all! It is has been awhile. Been really busy, life stuff, you know how it is. After gotten some work, I wanted to work on something personal on the times I have off. I decided to work on this bust of this oni based off the concept of one of Pavel Hristov Sketches. I am making some variations to it and making it a little more realism. I wanted to keep the project small but big. It is only going to be the bust but I want to make it detailed and bring it into Unreal Engine eventually. For now, it is a blockout. Mila is just one of those unfinished projects at the moment. Maybe one day.

This originally was going to be a speed challenge with Pramod Aryal (Check him out: https://www.artstation.com/aryielth) But just decided to make it a actually project. I want to try to achieve quality.

 Current render is in Marmoset Toolbag 4 and lets keep it going! Stay safe everyone.

Concept art by Pavel Hristov


253 Heads, 253 Days: A Speed Sculpt Odyssey

General / 06 July 2021

Hey Y'all, I am back with my practice and exploration on speed head sculpting practices. Here is continuing update on the Speedsculpt odyssey!

If you did not know, this is all about practicing sculpting heads in quicker, more basic fashion to showcase understanding and practice.

Why post at 253? I was suppose to update at 140 but I completely forgot to update till now. In the first update, I did a 1 Hour Sculpt every single day till that update. I decided to still do some hour sculpts and then I started learning more and more. Since the last update, I took quite a few classes on Anatomy and Likeness and just continued the overall study in general. Like Books...books are cool.

A suggestion I received from  a cool person to try our 15 mins for the challenges. This was a pretty good idea, I think a lot of sculpting and understanding is getting the primary shapes first. I had the issue of trying to really focus on details first and then I realize you should get the landmarks and overall shapes down. I will always show the first one in comparison.

You can see that I noticed I started getting smoother with the shapes of the sculpt and it is obviously not perfect but I think we are getting there. It looks like a head. Sculpting in 15 mins session taught me to really focus on those shapes and even started to remove detail just to make sure we hit that. Since I became so use to getting the shape down in the first 15 mins, the rest of the hour really is more so refining and cleaning it up.

As usually, every single sculpt has started off with a sphere and was molded in the time giving. Here is the timeline of sculpting times:

► 0-115 Heads: 1 Hour
► 116-252: 15 Mins
► 253: 1 Hour

Let me know if you have any questions so far and I still intend on pushing through with this! Maybe moving it up to 30 mins? who knows. Thanks for reading! I am grateful you spent your time with little ol' me! This is a side project of just practice and evolution that is going to be long term. Like......Looooooooong term. The goal is not only to self improve, but it is to show that anyone can get better, even if you feel like you stagnated.


Part of my studying since the last update, I wanted to share some resources that help me just understand heads more in general as a part of practice. Thank you and support these creators, My sculpts are not great, but it is cool to see progress. Remember kids, little wins is still improvement. Under the last GIF, I will post some links to some resources that helped me out, be sure to support them.

Now here are some Gifs! These are a screenshot of every head sculpt till now in these angles. These are just gonna get longer and longer hopefully.... You might see the split but basically the ones without shoulders and clavicles are the ones that are 15 mins.



Resources that helped out and will continue to do so:

► Scott Eatons Portrature Class: https://www.scott-eaton.com/

►ArtHeroes Likeness Course: https://academy.artheroes.co/

►SpeedChar Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmZjz7XvWfKz4fMjLwrNmQ

►SpeedChar or Nikolay Naydenov Store: https://www.artstation.com/nikoto/store

►Georgian's or Nimlots Likeness Tutorial: https://nimlot26.gumroad.com/?recommended_by=search#FcpZU

►Anatomy For Sculptors: https://www.amazon.com/Anatomy-Sculptors-Understanding-Human-Figure/dp/0990341100

►Mastering Portrature: https://www.amazon.com/Mastering-Portraiture-Advanced-Analyses-Sculpted/dp/0975506560


Work In Progress: Mila Kunis Likeness (Zbrush)

Work In Progress / 04 May 2021

Hey Yo'!

It has been a bit, you know how it goes. But I wanted to update you on a small project I am doing at the Likeness Course at https://artheroes.co/   

I am just about done wrapping it up in Zbrush here. I am working on Hair Grooming and Skin Texture at the moment. Let me know how she looks or of there are anything to amend. These are Viewport Screengrabs that are not rendered. The Eyebrows are Painted. Some other folks are wrapping up their stuff and they are looking great! I learned alot so far so I am pretty heart set on finishing this up.

I have a few people to thank when I finish up, they are pretty awesome. But for right now, I appreciate Fareed Nagy for the ongoing help.

His Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/fareed

I plan on bringing her to Marmoset Toolbag 4 Soon for some Look Dev. After that, I will maybe want to experiment with UE4 with her.

I'll keep you posted and thanks for reading! (I really wanted to do this course so the Warlord had to take a back seat unfortunately)





The Warlord - WIP #1.5 - Hit the ground NOT running

Work In Progress / 21 January 2021

'Sup Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good New Year and are continuing staying safe.

December 2020 was not very favorable in a quest for power. Computer Power that is. I decided to upgrade my computer 3x Fold but due to unfortunate misc factors, left me without a computer for generally the month and broken parts. I am fortunate that I manage to recover my data with my entire hard drive array being burnt and unusable. Morale of the story, Do yourself the favor and be sure to backup your data. If I did not do that every week, I would have not been so lucky.

Either way, now the wheels are being greased again and here is a small update on the Warlord! I focused alot more into the face this time around and pushed and pulled very small factors to get closer to the face I want. There is still so much work to be done and now we are about to hit the flow area. This is not close of being done as a face but I at least wanted to show progress since the previous one. Can you guess the main inspiration?

I also did the earring. As with most of my interpretations, I decided to add some detail and how I imagined it would look like. I wanted to fit more of the style of her jacket. I think it turned out pretty cool!

The other things mentioned in the previous update are still in the works! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good rest of the week!

Concept by Yang  J


The Warlord - WIP #1 - Brand New Project, Lets do it!

Work In Progress / 01 December 2020

Hey everyone! I am back with a little update! It has been a little bit from my last post, I have been pretty busy!

I have been doing a few art tests, classes, misc. side projects etc. You know how it gets. But I learned so much within the span of time and I am happy to show the starting of my new project. The Warlord.

The Concept it by Yang J and I did obtain his permission to do it. I chose his concept because after John Payne, I want to further my learning in areas that I need help in or to expand. So I am aiming big with this one!

The areas I plan on tackling this time around is Facial Anatomy, Hair, curved metals etc. I also plan on utilize Marmoset Toolbag 4 AND Unreal Engine in the eventual final results. I got a lot of work ahead of me. I do plan on taking this as a full character as per usual so please, bare with me!

So far, between many and many different things I have worked on, this is definitely the one that will stick. For the face, I still need to adjust alot of things and I will take it to asymmetry soon.  I am utilizing what I learned from Scott Eatons class for this sculpt.

This post is a small introduction to the project! Let me know if you have any questions.

I am working and still continuing the Speed sculpt Odyssey, I will hopefully talk really in depth about that soon. I am starting up a community soon called Sculpt Club, where we can do weekend sculpting and it will be very chill. I am still in the beginning stages of that so stay tuned for that!

Concept by Yang  J


Adam Marlow - HeadSculptember 2020

General / 02 October 2020

Hello! I want to post some of the speed sculpting for Sculptember 2020. Since I am currently on the #SpeedSculptOdyssey with heads, I figured I'd make it head based! It was some nice exercise's and got me to experiment with age, expression, and gender. I was pretty loose with these with no general goal in mind. I only got to Day 15 as I ended up focusing on other art endeavors. Under each one, I say something about the Head. Again, it was just nice to be loose and just purely sculpt. Check out Last years, which will be in a link below to see if I improved at all! Stay tuned for more on the #SculptOdyssey with Heads and my other progress! Thanks for looking!


Day 1, I hope you guessed Megaman because you would be definitely right. I imagined a more realistic take on his classic baby face. I imagined him more like a angry kid. Fun Fact, I based his colors off the Bad Box Art Megaman because I needed too. I also like that weird neon highlighted look, I felt like it fitted him. But in the end, still getting my feet wet.

This is one sculpt that made me really think about the female form. Females are already hard to do so this was delicate. Everyone was doing like anvils and weightlifting when it comes to heavyness, so I wanted to think outside the box alittle while still be a head.

Would you take a bite out of that? I dare you, no- I triple dog dare you. Either way, this guy was fun to do and a pain to render, I swear. If you look closely, you can see little knife markings on where it was cut, thats what happens when you cut jello with a serrated knife.

I wanted to try out different ethnicity on this one, I wanted to bring in more Asian features to these head sculpts. I also did not do alot of female sculpts so this was great. The flower is the Tiger Lily, such a beautiful flower. Deep breath Adam....Deep Breath and take life in the present.

This hoodie does not exist, I swear, I was looking around for pink panda hoodies and this did not come up. I....invented a new piece of clothing. Look, I am about to copyright this, do not stop me.

At first I did not want to profile, but then I did based on his looks. I wonder what he is thinking about. Is it happy, sad, or angry? Maybe thats just the way he looks naturally. 

This was the time where I wanted to get a little better at sculpting hair. I looked at a bunch of Greek Statues for reference and this definitely was inspired by it. Is he looking at Heavy? WHO IS HE IN LOVE WITH?

Look, You don't know about the proportions of a baby until you look at the proportions of a baby. They are very intricate with their folds. It was actually really fun to sculpt the baby. I spend more time than I will admit on the head. I liked how it turned out though.

Aw man, who beat this guy up? He is just trying to live his best life man. Okay Look, Broken, is that your name? Next time you see who beat you up, just turn the other way. There is no point in acting in vegence....wait...You just got hit with overdraft fees? Oh man. I'm with you boy. I actually used no specific references on this one, like only the ones on how to construct a face.

You know Ganondorf, You love him, you hate him. The thing is, I never realized his eyebrows are connected to his hair, always was in every entry. The heck. So this rendition I made up, I gave him sideburns and a new haircut and honestly, if I were to realtime this, I think it would look awesome. Give Ganondorf more prominent Sideburns!

This is where I looked really into Greek Sculpture and art. It is so fascinating on how they constructed the face and hair. This isn't based off a hero specifically. It could be any of them.....Achilles? Maybe. Your guess is as good as mine. Either way, I think this is one of my favorites honestly.

Just...LEAVE ME ALONE. You know the pressures of life that just keep building up on you? Just like, on your own dime, let it all out. Even I do it. I really felt it when I was making this one. I liked how this one ended up too.

So it is weird, I originally was going to do a old man Hippie. Then he turned into a nice old man with no hippie to him. I really liked how this one turned out too.  He seems very caring and nice. But I wanted to capture that feeling that he realized that he did all he could. Maybe he is looking at his last day of his job? His Kids? Like I want to convey that he is proud and is at peace with his decisions. 

This guy was so much fun to make. So 1, I like angry faces. And 2, I looked into the Greek Sculptures of Cyclops out of curiosity and I really did not expect what I saw. Their rendition of the cyclops still is basically a human head but closed eyes and 1 mono eye. That's so fricken cool to me. What I wanted to do is to basically do that and fuse it with more modern incarnations of a cyclops. Had a blast wit this one for sure.



1 Hour, 70 Heads: a speed-sculpting odyssey

General / 28 August 2020

Hey Y'all, It has been awhile, I decided to spend more of my summer of really focusing on my Anatomy of the Head. For what I have made so far is personally great progress. As a Character Artist, this is some necessary stuff to know. I also wanted to increase my speed so I made it a speed sculpting challenge.

The Day 1 head sculpt is a sculpt of a head that has no reference, it was primarily based off of what I thought I had was anatomy. Boy. I was really freaking wrong.  It took my a hour to make that. How embarrassing. But there is a point for me to show you and the point is to keep on trying and learning slowly as you grow. 

I did not make 70 heads in a hour. I made a total of 70 Heads in a span of 70 Days for each sculpting taking 1 hour each. 

Every Single day, I would spend 1 hour of my time to sculpt, research and build up a understanding on facial anatomy. Now what I got for day 70 is good, but it is far from great. I just want to showcase that progress is achievable if you believe in it. 

I will keep doing this challenge for as long as I can. I believe I can get better and there is far more that I need to know. I appreciate any support.

The process goes like this:

Day of No Ref -> Day of Ref and study -> Day of No Ref -> Day Of Ref and study -> etc... 

No matter what, after the hour is up, the pen is down.

Let me know if you want me to clarify more or have any questions.

I am still working on a project in the meantime but learning what I know now, I think I might need to take a step back and reevaluate. I will update again at Day 140. 


I am also helping in with some other artists on creating a community for Daily Zbrush Sculpting for Anatomy on Discord. Let me know if you want a invite, it is small and we are getting some organizing together. Great for Artists of any range whether you are new or a older pro that needs a refresh. Come take 30 or more out of your day and take part in our anatomy challenges!




For the GIfs Below, they do showcase every head in the 70 Lineup, you can see the progress in head shape especially over time. Sorry, all I had was screen snips as images.

Front View

Angle View

Side View


My Rookies 2020 Submission or John Payne Update #10

News / 01 June 2020

Hey guys, it has been a long journey. This is what I personally feel as a great stepping stone for me. I have made John Payne into more of a submission for the Rookies. Come check it out as I get really detailed and also there are a few resources that might help you out as well.

 Thanks for reading this and cheers! 

I will be uploading the character separately as a Artstation piece soon.



John Payne - WIP #9.5 - Just before the Rookies, Final Touches, and the fate of the Rifle

General / 22 May 2020

Sup everyone, It has been a little bit. Just before the whole quarantine to hit in fact! I hope everyone is staying safe and productive as they can. It is okay if it is hard, its SUPPOSE to be hard. 

Anyways, the Rookies is about the end I still have to turn this guy in. I spent alot of this time making his rifle and practicing my hard surface skills. I was inspired by like Lennard Claussen to make this more weird huge machinery which I think would've made a great fit for the universe.

Unfortunately, with time is slowly closing in for me really fast, I still want to make a proper breakdown and small tutorials for my post as well. This is important to me because I really like to deliver information to help out others like me who are just trying to make it.

I still have to take the model into zbrush and do the rest of the pipeline. This is will not be finished by the time the Rookies deadline. I made the hard decision to focus on what I have completed and make them really good rather try to deliver something sloppy and rushed. Once I made the decision, it made life a little more easier. I am still bummed about it. I will have a image to show you what I had in mind.

It is a mixture between steam and electricity, I wanted to convey a realization of those old Victorian machine drawings. It was really fun and I am bummed that I will not finish it for now. 

For what we DO have is that I went back and changed the textures of a few items and I think increased their quality. It is pretty subtle from the previous update and I am looking for some last minute critiques on it. I still have to pose this guy and maybe add a quick ground. I will be reaching up a few places before I submit this man. I am excited and nervous at the same time. 

Stay safe everyone, and I will see you next time!