Sculptember 2019

General / 01 October 2019

Hello! This is my big blog post of my experience speed sculpting in the #sculptember event hosted by the Games Art Institute. These are covering all Thirty days of sculpting. This was a very nice way to exercise my speed in sculpting figures and to unwind while I am working on the tedious part of the John Payne project. I did alot of experimenting between the sculpts in terms of execution and style. I cannot wait to look back in the future and see where I came from. Hopefully I will have time next year to practice it again. Tell me your favorite! Under the individual images, I will be giving my thoughts on each sculpt. Times will be posted on the individual images down below. Thanks for looking. Cheers!

The first one, honestly, I just looked at a starfish and I just went with no direction. I ended up basically with Patrick Star as a DBZ character. I wish I had more time and direction with it, but it was the first so it is whatevs.

This sculpt was very fun to do. I really do love pugs already and I wanted to make use of its flabby folds. One of the guilty pleasure favorites.

Based of the classic Black Lagoon creature. I liked that I got more into detail on this one. I based it off the original costume, not alot of good reference from the early days of the show. I gave it alittle interpretation. It was the first Character bust.

Honestly I wanted something alittle different and abstract. The one thing I got out of it the most was making them hands.

The second bust. I actually went and 3D printed it. I really like this one because I went very loose on the stylization of it. I am a big fan of that style. Also bowlcuts are funny to me. This is literally the point where I base alot of the future sculpt busts on.

This fun was very fast and sweet. I really liked that I managed to get the form of the fist primarily down. If I added more of a body, it would've been a Shoryuken. This is the first one that I tried out texturing with alphas I had for the rock.

I also guilty pleasure this one. I did not know what to do for this one but I just saw Gladiator (2000) last night and I was like, oh? I personally thing this one is fun with expression. Also the nose is poking through the armor is fun to me. Designing your own stuff is harder than you think.

I know at this point I was falling behind alittle bit so I was doing this and beauty at the same time. This one is based off the First boss in Duke Nukem Forever. I was looking at the concept art and I really like how this one turned out. It was a nice deviation from the normal human stuff. I also love the cyclops design. The amount of detail on the concept art itself is amazing so I try to roughly emulate it.

Based off Angewomon from Digimon. It was a short one and my first speedsculpt female. I think it turned out okay, In the future, I would love to do a legit full sculpt of it in more realistic fashion. Her design is prime and I think I gotta do her more justice dude.

I kitbashed this cyborg together. I was kinda inspired by Darth Sion from Star wars and that one hillbilly mutant from the movie, Judge Dredd. Hard surfacing is my weakness but I was adamant on doing it all in Zbrush.

Hey my elves has horns. I really like this sculpt and definitely those lips. Very fun to do. I am a big fan of that high nose Tarken from Star Wars look. What is he disappointed at? I don't know, maybe someone made fun of that fact he is a elf with horns.

At this point, I wanted to give the sculpts more Asymmetry and expression. This is also a guilty pleasure one I like. I wanted to do more of a human-like troll. The blood spurt is my favorite. I really wanna do a fully scene with this guy getting shot. 

So this one is a weird one. I couldn't think of anything that wasn't just the anatomy muscle system. I did alot of research on the study of Anatomy and this sculpt was based on William Harvey. He was the one that help discover how the blood system works. 

I honestly felt pretty lazy on this day but I think this turned out good. I wanted to convey the shape and structure of a skeleton without using different parts. I wanted to show off like gesture of a Skeleton rather than a actual one.

This one was a landmark for me. I absolutely love this one. I experimented with more contrasting lighting. I enjoy the spit and sweat, I love the expression. Also if you look up boxing injuries on google, they are messed up dog, definitely makes you appreciate successful boxers.

Based off DC Comics "The Batman who laughs" I am a big fan of how this character is portrayed in the comics and I love his expression. I hope I did him alittle justice with this speedsculpt. Also this is the first speed smile showing teeth I think. I really like the crazy smile that you will see alittle bit later. I got lazy on making separate teeth so I sculpted it all together.

The shapes of old men are a interesting one. I do not do many old man sculpts. This one was fun but it is alittle sad. I wonder what his age is? how old do you think he is?

Based off of one of the concept art designs of Thors Hammer from God of War (2018). I really like this hammer design and I definitely need to do props more often. I was rushing towards the end but when you get a chance, check out the actual props on Artstation, they are amazing. At this point, I realized I wanted to do more based off of concept art, because I am trying to get a job in a studio, I might as well practice that.

Even know I just said I wanted to base some more off of concept art, I lied here. I made this big ol snail and he went through alot of iterations. He was at first a Snail man, with legs and arms but then I couldn't execute it right since I had no direction. Changing him into a normal snail body was so last minute. I like the details I stuffed in the body.

I also drew a blank when it come to this one. I think this one is okay, if I went back in time, I might have done something different. I would say the fur is something I kinda like how it came out. Pretty mixed feelings honestly.

It does read as a monkey, so it must be a monkey right? I wish I didn't time limit myself on this one because I dig the chimps structure alot. One thing I would've changed was to convey the side of his face was hair alot better. It just kinda looks like it is part of his face.

This was one of the sculpts that I wasn't sure about at first, and then I liked it more as I went on. I think he definitely has some character to him and I wanted to do someone who kinda encapsulates "round" without being too on the nose.

Based off of M. Bison from the Street Fighter Series. I really like this one honestly. I like the stylized look alot and I really wish to do a full sculpt of him in this more exaggerated style. The Street Fighter Proportions are really fun to do.

Based off of Kuromi from Hello Kitty. Owned by Sanrio. I wanted to do something completely left field for me and do something more cartoon-like. This one took me awhile because I realize getting more simple and soft shapes was something I was not use to. This one is my favorite by far. For reference, I looked at the Charlie Brown movie because that project really shows how to take something flat and make it appealing 3D. The first of 2 that is primarily in color.

Based off of the Concept art version of Champion Gundyr from Dark Souls 3. This is one of the longer sculpts I did and I wanted to do it justice. Doing Sirris beforehand really help me understand the details in armor more. This is also one of my favorites and I decided to change the rendering alittle bit more as well.

Whose the little girl living in a haunted mansion? She is based off Ashley from the Warioware Series. I have always loved this character and after doing Kuromi, I wanted to do another cartoon sculpt and bring it into 3D. My reference was actually the renders of other characters from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This is my longest sculpt and it was a tricky one. I really do have to give stylize sculptors alot of praise because it is really easy to make it unappealing with subtle changes. The more I look at it, the more I liked the result. It is all made in Zbrush. Even the eyes are 3D.

Based off Juggernaut from Marvel's Xmen Series. I really liked how this one turned out as well, I would love to do a full sculpt of him one day as well. I added the metal around the helmet because I felt like it gives the helmet more complexity and the silhouette more to work with compared to his original design from the comics. This is where I overhauled the rendering for the sculpts as well. I wish I went back and rendered it like these. 

Based off a Uruk-hai concept design from the video game, Lord of the Rings: War of the North. I also really like how this one turned out after the fact. I looked pretty deep to find concept art where holes was more of the focus.

Based off the Mothman Ah Muzen Cab skin from the game SMITE. I originally wanted to do Mothman, since he is a hybrid but then I came across the concept art for this and loved it. It is definitely more stylized than I am used too. This one of of those where I wish I made more time in.

I improv'd the crown because I did not know what I wanted to do. The sigh of relief on this guy is what I exactly felt when this was over with.  I really like his expression and I added alot of detail to the face. I think this a good sign of progress I made as a artist. I appreciate you getting this far down. Please support me on Artstation and Instagram! I am just a artist trying to get into the industry and I think this is good practice for me.