Adam Marlow - HeadSculptember 2020

General / 02 October 2020

Hello! I want to post some of the speed sculpting for Sculptember 2020. Since I am currently on the #SpeedSculptOdyssey with heads, I figured I'd make it head based! It was some nice exercise's and got me to experiment with age, expression, and gender. I was pretty loose with these with no general goal in mind. I only got to Day 15 as I ended up focusing on other art endeavors. Under each one, I say something about the Head. Again, it was just nice to be loose and just purely sculpt. Check out Last years, which will be in a link below to see if I improved at all! Stay tuned for more on the #SculptOdyssey with Heads and my other progress! Thanks for looking!


Day 1, I hope you guessed Megaman because you would be definitely right. I imagined a more realistic take on his classic baby face. I imagined him more like a angry kid. Fun Fact, I based his colors off the Bad Box Art Megaman because I needed too. I also like that weird neon highlighted look, I felt like it fitted him. But in the end, still getting my feet wet.

This is one sculpt that made me really think about the female form. Females are already hard to do so this was delicate. Everyone was doing like anvils and weightlifting when it comes to heavyness, so I wanted to think outside the box alittle while still be a head.

Would you take a bite out of that? I dare you, no- I triple dog dare you. Either way, this guy was fun to do and a pain to render, I swear. If you look closely, you can see little knife markings on where it was cut, thats what happens when you cut jello with a serrated knife.

I wanted to try out different ethnicity on this one, I wanted to bring in more Asian features to these head sculpts. I also did not do alot of female sculpts so this was great. The flower is the Tiger Lily, such a beautiful flower. Deep breath Adam....Deep Breath and take life in the present.

This hoodie does not exist, I swear, I was looking around for pink panda hoodies and this did not come up. I....invented a new piece of clothing. Look, I am about to copyright this, do not stop me.

At first I did not want to profile, but then I did based on his looks. I wonder what he is thinking about. Is it happy, sad, or angry? Maybe thats just the way he looks naturally. 

This was the time where I wanted to get a little better at sculpting hair. I looked at a bunch of Greek Statues for reference and this definitely was inspired by it. Is he looking at Heavy? WHO IS HE IN LOVE WITH?

Look, You don't know about the proportions of a baby until you look at the proportions of a baby. They are very intricate with their folds. It was actually really fun to sculpt the baby. I spend more time than I will admit on the head. I liked how it turned out though.

Aw man, who beat this guy up? He is just trying to live his best life man. Okay Look, Broken, is that your name? Next time you see who beat you up, just turn the other way. There is no point in acting in vegence....wait...You just got hit with overdraft fees? Oh man. I'm with you boy. I actually used no specific references on this one, like only the ones on how to construct a face.

You know Ganondorf, You love him, you hate him. The thing is, I never realized his eyebrows are connected to his hair, always was in every entry. The heck. So this rendition I made up, I gave him sideburns and a new haircut and honestly, if I were to realtime this, I think it would look awesome. Give Ganondorf more prominent Sideburns!

This is where I looked really into Greek Sculpture and art. It is so fascinating on how they constructed the face and hair. This isn't based off a hero specifically. It could be any of them.....Achilles? Maybe. Your guess is as good as mine. Either way, I think this is one of my favorites honestly.

Just...LEAVE ME ALONE. You know the pressures of life that just keep building up on you? Just like, on your own dime, let it all out. Even I do it. I really felt it when I was making this one. I liked how this one ended up too.

So it is weird, I originally was going to do a old man Hippie. Then he turned into a nice old man with no hippie to him. I really liked how this one turned out too.  He seems very caring and nice. But I wanted to capture that feeling that he realized that he did all he could. Maybe he is looking at his last day of his job? His Kids? Like I want to convey that he is proud and is at peace with his decisions. 

This guy was so much fun to make. So 1, I like angry faces. And 2, I looked into the Greek Sculptures of Cyclops out of curiosity and I really did not expect what I saw. Their rendition of the cyclops still is basically a human head but closed eyes and 1 mono eye. That's so fricken cool to me. What I wanted to do is to basically do that and fuse it with more modern incarnations of a cyclops. Had a blast wit this one for sure.