Oni | WIP# 01

Work In Progress / 26 February 2022

Hey Y'all! It is has been awhile. Been really busy, life stuff, you know how it is. After gotten some work, I wanted to work on something personal on the times I have off. I decided to work on this bust of this oni based off the concept of one of Pavel Hristov Sketches. I am making some variations to it and making it a little more realism. I wanted to keep the project small but big. It is only going to be the bust but I want to make it detailed and bring it into Unreal Engine eventually. For now, it is a blockout. Mila is just one of those unfinished projects at the moment. Maybe one day.

This originally was going to be a speed challenge with Pramod Aryal (Check him out: https://www.artstation.com/aryielth) But just decided to make it a actually project. I want to try to achieve quality.

 Current render is in Marmoset Toolbag 4 and lets keep it going! Stay safe everyone.

Concept art by Pavel Hristov