The Warlord - WIP #1 - Brand New Project, Lets do it!

Work In Progress / 01 December 2020

Hey everyone! I am back with a little update! It has been a little bit from my last post, I have been pretty busy!

I have been doing a few art tests, classes, misc. side projects etc. You know how it gets. But I learned so much within the span of time and I am happy to show the starting of my new project. The Warlord.

The Concept it by Yang J and I did obtain his permission to do it. I chose his concept because after John Payne, I want to further my learning in areas that I need help in or to expand. So I am aiming big with this one!

The areas I plan on tackling this time around is Facial Anatomy, Hair, curved metals etc. I also plan on utilize Marmoset Toolbag 4 AND Unreal Engine in the eventual final results. I got a lot of work ahead of me. I do plan on taking this as a full character as per usual so please, bare with me!

So far, between many and many different things I have worked on, this is definitely the one that will stick. For the face, I still need to adjust alot of things and I will take it to asymmetry soon.  I am utilizing what I learned from Scott Eatons class for this sculpt.

This post is a small introduction to the project! Let me know if you have any questions.

I am working and still continuing the Speed sculpt Odyssey, I will hopefully talk really in depth about that soon. I am starting up a community soon called Sculpt Club, where we can do weekend sculpting and it will be very chill. I am still in the beginning stages of that so stay tuned for that!

Concept by Yang  J